New Effecient

 Nov 23, 2017 - CMG Solari "ITALY"


The natural circulation by condensation is a particular system that exploits the natural process of evaporation and condensation of a fluid to implement the heat transfer. Thanks to this technology, heat gets transferred at full speed, opposing the initiation of reverse eddy circulations, which are critical for all other thermal systems. In a nutshell, the natural circulation by condensation system achieves the same sequence that nature does during the process known as the “water cycle”, which becomes manifest to everybody with the phenomenon of rain.

Working Principle

The fluid contained in the circuit evaporates thanks to solar radiation reaching, in its gaseous state, the heat exchanger, where it transfers its energy into the form of latent heat of condensation. Afterwards, in the exchanger, the heat transfer fluid condensates to return into its liquid phase and thus, by simple law of gravity, descends to the lower part of the collector where it will be re-heated by the sun and so begin a new cycle.

At night, the working fluid comes back into liquid form lying in the lower part of the collector, preventing, therefore, the triggering of the reverse cycle.

Kit New Effecient

  • Condensation Heat Exchange Mechanism;
  • High efficiency and quickness of cycle triggering;
  • Hidden tank;
  • NewEfficient-S improves the previous versionNewEfficient, as the the tank is separable from the collector, thereby facilitating their installation;
  • ‘Push-Tester’ diagnostic system (optional);
  • Highly transparent microprismatic solar glass;
  • Blue-Select absorber welded via laser;
  • Steel tank with double vitrification treatment at 850 °C;
  • installable on flat roof and sloping roofs;

The hidden tank placed on the rear of the collector, ease the architectonical integration of the solar system.

The NESTP version, only 115 cm tall, is practically invisible on flat roofs.

The technological peculiarity is represented by a primary circuit working by evaporation and condensation, loaded and sealed in the factory to guarantee the seal over time. The primary circuit contains an ethanol-based azeotropic fluid, which allows a frost resistance up to a temperature of -60 °C. Moreover, it requires no maintenance nor inspections nor topping.