Thermosiphon GR

 Nov 23, 2017 - Sigma Energy "GREECE"

Thermosiphonic systems / Natural circulation systems
Thermosiphonic systems , constitute the most widespread system in countries such as Southern Europe and Africa , since high ambient temperatures , do not act deterrently , concerning the installation place of the solar system. This however is the case in countries of Central and Northern Europe.
The specific system consists of the collector , the storage tank and the mounting kit.

Safe water use
The inner of the storage tank , has been layered with an inactive material – mixture of inorganic silicon based salts , with no chemical aditives ( enameled ). The high baking temperature in 850C , has created a glass alloy , resulting the water to be so clean , that it can be used not only for hot water use , but also for other house uses. Completely safe for health , since it does not allow the development of bacteria based on DIN 4753 Teil 3 & 6. The enamelling process is certified by the enamel quality labelling (DEV).

Perimetric heat exchanger for maximum efficiency
Since the solar system , is a natural circulation system , the storage tank utilises , for maximum efficiency , a perimetric heat exchanger ( jacket ) , which surrounds most of the tank’s part , and not a typical heat exchanger.

Powerful polyurethane insulation
Hot water , due to strong polyurethane insulation of 50mm thickness , which surrounds the whole tank.The injection of the polyurethane is done , with a special mixing machine , ensuring perfect and complete injection.

Maximum life expectancy
Due to the low carbon steel, the enamelling process, the outer anodised aluminium frame, and the technical integrity of our company, we guarantee the long life expectancy of the storage tank. Even under the most harsh conditions, a solar system can face, Sigma Energy’s storage tanks, have one of the longest life expectancies in the European market.