Natural Glycol

 Jul 30, 2016 - CMG Solari "ITALY"


Natural circulation systems are the most simple and affordable solution for the production of hot domestic water. The natural circulation is based on the expansion of the liquid under the action of heat and, therefore, does not require pumps or electronic control systems. The tank is positioned above the absorber plate and is constituted by a central accumulation of domestic water, surrounded by an interspace in which flows the heat transfer fluid that is heated by the collector.


  • Single-plate laser welded Blue-Select absorber;
  • Tank with double vitreous enameling treatment at 850°C (optional stainless steel cover);
  • Installable on flat and sloping roofs;
  • Mircoprismatic tempered solar glass with low iron content;
  • 5-year warranty.


Working Principles

The primary circuit of the system is constituted by the solar collector and the interspace inside the jacketed tank. The absorbing surface transmits heat to the working fluid that, getting hotter, grows in volume, and becoming more rarefied and light, rises along the plate reaching the interspace where it transfers its heat to the domestic water contained in the tank through the surface of contact. The working fluid getting cooler, grows in specific weight, and so descends to the bottom of the absorber plate to start a new cycle. The process lasts until the plate gets heated by the sun.

With respect to other classic systems, EVO is characterized for having the working fluid inlet positioned in the median part of the interspace, enabling a quicker heating of the water present in the upper part of the DHW tank and a better heat stratification.